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The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital Stanmore

Project : Recruited to improve the efficiency of the Orthotics Department by creating a virtually paperless system enabling faster and more responsive Patient treatment.


Delivered a newly automated batch process interface to Hospital HL7 system that brings in all Patient Demographic data into SQL database back-end

Designed, tested and implemented a Stores Stock Control system allowing the Orthotics Department to improve it’s Purchase Ordering and see real time stock levels

Dramatically reduced the need for paper-based processes to allow a much improved workflow and lower error rate

Allowed Orthotists (Consultants ) to create electronic Job Cards & Specification Sheets for Patients that pass from place to place electronically instead of using pieces of paper

Dramatically reduced a large source of errors from the workflow by eliminating badly hand-written data and allowing Orthotists to draw directly onto diagrams with mouse or stylus and entering data or dimensions electronically

Successfully migrated all data and business logic of FileMaker database into Servoy front-end with SQL back-end

Project : Recruited to create another, more complex, Stock Control system to track all non-consumable items used in Operating Theatres.


Moved RNOH from a manual, yearly Stock Take system to an electronic solution that tracks items from Goods-In to Operating Theatre in real time

Delivered a unique QR bar-coding system for each item to allow scanning by iOS devices

Used normal, 1D, bar-codes, to scan items at Goods-In (decoding GS1 & HIBC Symbologies) and then generated a QR code for item to allow easier subsequent scanning

Created a simple web-based iOS interface to move items to GLN locations using QR codes, allowing easy tracking and locating of items

Implemented a way of recording final usage of items in Operating Theatre, allowing reporting of costs of Procedures, usage (& wastage) by Consultant, tracking of Prosthesis in Patients in case of recall

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